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Why have a website if it isn’t visible to prospects or customers online?  The old saying “If you build it, they will come” doesn’t apply when building a website.  It takes the know-how of Internet Marketing professionals to get it found online.  When we build websites at Maxim Edge, we build them using the latest and greatest software, plug-ins and intelligent architecture so that it becomes Search Engine friendly, primarily for Google; they dominate over 80% of the entire search market.  We know where to place relevant keywords (and not overdue it), we know how to utilize alt-tags, meta-tags, website titles and incorporate keywords into the content of your website.

Blogging is very important as well on new websites.  Google loves fresh, relevant content.

At Parker Web Design we have the expertise to make a very useful, business friendly website.  Call us today at 720-341-4655.

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